Graduation plans

As the Governor has issued statements about the current situation of how the state is dealing with COVID-19, schools and universities across the Uintah Basin have issued possible alternative dates for their student’s graduation.

Duchesne County School District anticipates that pre-recorded graduation ceremonies for their area high schools will be streamed on during their originally planned date. While, depending on how long the crisis lasts, dates for Uintah High School specifically range from the originally planned date of May 22, to the alternately planned dates of June 26, July 17, and Aug. 7. The date will be based upon the input of public health officials.

“We understand some seniors may not be able to participate in one of the summer graduation dates,” said the Uintah School District, “but student and staff safety is paramount and we must follow guidance from public health experts.”

COVID-19 has also created challenges for USU and UBTech. Utah State University Uintah Basin has canceled the local graduation ceremony that was scheduled to take place on April 28th in Vernal. Instead, they plan to have a graduation event at a later date at the Logan Campus and then possibly an event here in the Uintah Basin in late summer. The Uintah Basin Technical College announced plans to do a virtual graduation on May 6 with a video broadcast on Channel V6, Facebook and YouTube, showing that there is more than just one solution to this problem.

“Unprecedented times provide opportunities to celebrate the success of UBTech’s graduates in advanced ways,” said the UBTech president, Aaron Weight, “as a technical college, we will be utilizing the technology of today to recognize the future leaders of tomorrow.”

As adjustments continue to be made in response to COVID-19, it is suggested that school websites and social media pages be monitored for updates.

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