Charity donation stand

Amid the challenging times that we’re facing, there have been people rising up to help those who are in need. Windy Barton is one of these people as she started a donation stand on her own time over the weekend of March 20-23, outside of the old K-Mart building, and became a beacon of hope to those that visited it.

 The donation stand was an idea that was born out of a need for charity and kept that idea through and through. The stand operated from 12-3 p.m. and accepted any donations given and gave out to anyone that asked.

“We saw a need for people that have extra and desire to share with others that don’t,” said Windy Barton, the woman who came up with the idea of the stand, “We decided to put a donation resource center together because of that need.”

The stand has since been taken down, but from this, arises the idea that could be spread throughout the town to help alleviate the stress left from today’s current challenges.

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