Dave Chivers

There has been a vacancy in the Uintah School Board since Feb. 27, as Dave Chivers was removed as he was seen as no longer eligible to serve in the Uintah School District.

The Uintah School District has since posted a vacancy notice as well as an application to apply to the board on March 4 and then on Wed. March 25, two specifically scheduled meetings that were set to take place to fill the vacancy left by Chivers, but were postponed due to a court order.

“Until otherwise ordered by the court,” said Dave Chivers’ court order, “the Uintah School Board must be required to allow the Plaintiff (Dave Chivers) to resume his function as a member of the Uintah School Board.”

Chivers has put out a court order for an order for a stipulated motion regarding temporary relief, a request for a hearing for an application for a temporary restraining order, and a motion to strike.

“Both meetings and all plans to fill the district seat on the board have been canceled due to an order issued Mon. March 23, by the 8th District Judge Ed Peterson,” said the Uintah School District, “neither the school board nor the school district have any comment on the court order or the pending litigation.”

 The defendant, the Uintah School District, will have up until June 1 of this year to respond to Chiver’s complaints with either a memorandum in opposition to Chivers’ complaints, a motion to dismiss, or a different dispositive motion or pleading. After that, Chivers will have until July 1 to file a reply to what the school district has motioned to do.

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