ROOSEVELT--Roosevelt City Police and the Duchesne County School District are still in the process of unraveling yesterdays threat of gun violence at two Duchesne County schools. The two entities hope to have some answers before school is back in session on Tuesday morning.  

“I hope we can resolve it by then. If not, we’ll maintain a greater presence until we do get something resolved. Several reoccurring names so at this point we do not have it narrowed down enough to target one particular person” said Roosevelt City Police Chief, Rick Harrison. 

The local rumor mill has circulated many inaccuracies that Roosevelt PD hopes to clear up. 

“None of that’s credible at this time. We didn’t find any guns, didn’t have any students here that acted out of character… Nothing” continued Harrison. 

The original threat was allegedly made on a group snapchat that has up to 1000 viewers from Duchesne and Uintah Counties. Roosevelt City Police have been in contact with Snapchat and are in the process of executing a warrant to recover the image containing the threat. 

Harrison said, “They can’t tell us what’s in them until we get a warrant but at this point they have preserved them, so at some point we should be able to determine where they came from, we hope.” 

Many parents opted to check their students out of school for the day. Concerned guardian, Deborah Butcher said to following, “He was okay, I mean he’s a pretty tough kid, but you could tell that he was worried. There was kids in the office, I mean you could see the looks on their face, you know, it was horrible, it was horrible to see these kids have to go through anything like this, it’s not right.” 

Duchesne County School District published their first statement on Facebook at 8:23 AM. Their first text went out to parents at 9:40 AM and they updated parents again at 3:06 PM. 

Nearly 40 students have been interviewed in connection with the threat and the investigation will continue throughout the weekend. 

Chief Harrison said, “After we get this immediate thing resolved, we’d like to sit down and see if we can do something better, if there is another one, hopefully there’s not, but if there is.” 

Channel V6 will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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