Programs geared towards helping those affected by the state health mandate are now available for both individuals put out of work or small businesses struggling to keep employees on the payroll. 

A work share program has recently started in order to help furloughed or laid of individuals. Sylvia Wilkins, the director of Economic Development for Uintah County, has been a part of putting the program together.  

“The work-share program is based around businesses that had to close because of the public health mandate that came from the state. We came up with this program to help these individuals earn $12 an hour doing work in the community.”

For those employees who are a part of the program, Wilkins explains that daily health checks will be required for those on site in order to keep everyone safe.

“Every morning there will be supervisors assigned to a small group of people. They’ll go through the checks and make sure they haven't had any symptoms and then make sure that they can do work far enough apart that they are not interacting too closely.”

For small business owners who are struggling to make ends meet financially, the CARES Act is in place to help keep employee checks coming.  

“The CARES act is one of those incentives that was passed to help businesses. What it does is allow some remedies for companies and businesses some relief during this very hard time.  

Generally, this is for a business that was otherwise doing okay prior to this downturn. So, this isn’t necessarily for someone that was very close to going out of business anyway.”  

The act has allocated 350 million dollars, and the loans can be forgiven if borrowers can maintain their payroll or restore their payroll after the crisis is over.  

For more information on the CARES act, visit To find out more information about the current work-share program, contact Sylvia Wilkins at or (435) 630-4505. 

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