Earlier this month, the State of Utah implement new regulations on retailers who sell vaping products. This week the Tricounty Health Department did inspections to see if the distributors were in compliance. Out of the 65 license retailers in the Tricounty area, 63 passed the inspection. 

Recent studies by the Tricounty Health Department have shown that upwards of 1500 youth in the basin either regularly vape or have experimented with vaping products. Jacob Isaacson, Health Promotion Division Director at the Tricounty Health Department said, “That’s a pretty high number, we’d like to see that number go down.” 

The new regulations from the state have come in the wake of 1 fatality and over 83 cases of lung related illnesses that have been tied to vaping.

In the Uintah Basin area there are 4 specialty shops that sell vaping paraphernalia. Those 4 shops will be allowed to continue selling flavored tobacco products, but the 65 other retailers including gas stations and grocery stores, will no longer be allowed to distribute flavored products. They must also display warnings about the dangers of such products. 

The Triounty Health Department is “impressed with the retailers and their willingness to protect public health.”

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