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The tenth COVID-19 case, a male age 65-84 from Duchesne County, was recently hospitalized on April 15, due to worsening conditions but is currently in stable condition. Uintah Basin Healthcare (UBH) and the TriCounty Health department are currently investigating the person’s most recent contacts with the public to limit spread.

“We have taken precautionary measures to ensure that our facility is a safe environment in order to continue to provide quality care to our patients.” said Jim Marshall, the President and CEO of UBH, “In our inpatient areas, we created and implemented a dedicated clean area for inpatients without COVID-19 symptoms, and a dedicated negative pressure area for inpatients with suspected/confirmed COVID-19.”

As stated in their press release on April 15, TriCounty Health and UBH assures that all employees at the facility are properly trained and are provided with the necessary items needed to treat him.

“With our first confirmed COVID-19 hospitalized patient announced today,” Marshall continued, “we were comforted by the extra measures we had taken to be prepared to successfully protect our staff and patients to avoid exposure. We have been able to successfully treat the patient and plan to discharge the patient to their home today.”

TriCounty Health would like to remind the public to wash hands, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, stay home as much as possible and wear a face covering when venturing out of the home for essential purposes like medicine, groceries, doctor appointments and work outside the home as this will slow the spread of the disease. More information can be found at

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