Uintah County Clerk Auditor concerned about Primary Election ballots

Election season has begun and the primary ballots are just getting ready to send out, but the Clerk Auditor of Uintah County has some concerns about the voting. Everyone registered with the two primary parties will be sent out their ballot, but those who aren’t with the conventional parties will automatically receive a ballot in the mail with all of the Democratic Presidential candidates.

 If there are people who receive the Democratic ballot that do not want to vote on those candidates, it is possible to take the ballot to the Clerk Auditor’s office and exchange it for a ballot with the Republican candidates or register online.

Voters will need to exchange their ballots before Feb. 24 or vote online before election day on March 3. The primary election will determine the candidates for both of the parties during the 2020 presidential election.

 “This is a once in a four-year occasion, so we are trying to make sure we get this right,” said Clerk Auditor, Mike Wilkins, “we’re hoping that by spreading this information, we can make sure that everyone that gets a ballot, votes.”

Voters will need to put their ballot with their vote back into an envelope, seal it, then put their signature and their phone number on the front of the envelope and mail it back. This is extremely important so that each voter’s ballot will count

“We need everyone to know that this isn’t partisan,” Wilkens continued, “We just want everyone to know what to do if the situation calls for it.”

 The ballots are extremely important in identifying the candidates for the election, so making sure that everyone votes is imperative for this upcoming election. For more information, go online to utah.gov. To register online, go to vote.utah.gov.

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