VERNAL--The Uintah County Commissioners held a public hearing today to listen to the concerns of citizens and county employees on the proposed county budget for fiscal year 2020, which begins January 1st. 

“The county’s budget is balanced. Uintah County is in excellent financial condition,” said Uintah County Clerk/Auditor, Michael Wilkins. 

The budget for fiscal year 2020 totals out at $68.2 million, which is a decrease of $5.9 million from 2019. The cuts in spending came from a variety of places throughout the county entities. One such reduction came when the commissioners were able to reduce expenses by making adjustments to the health insurance rates of county employees. 

“County employees will be paying 5% additional from what they were paying in the past and that is what is hitting the employees right now. They’re paying almost double what they were paying, but that’s what the governing body has choose to do, so that’s what’s happening” said Wilkins. 

A county employee, who ensures their family, will see their rates go from $50 a pay check to $98 a paycheck. 

“Where we haven't gotten any cost of living raises or anything, in the last 4 or 5 years, that’s a lot. I know people who this is presenting a hardship to them” said Tammy Mckee, a Uintah County employee. 

The commissioners will adopt the budget on December 16th. However, it’s not too late to make public comment. 

Wilkins said, “Anybody’s more than welcome to come in and talk to myself, or any of the commissioners, on questions or concerns they may have on the total budget.”

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