Fair Canceled

UPDATE: Statement from Uintah County Commissioners on April 28th at 1:37 P.M.

"The decision to cancel the 2020 Uintah County Fair wasn’t an easy one to make, and we know it is unpopular with many in our community. We've received your messages and calls, and have followed your comments on social media. We know the Fair is valued by our community and will be missed. As a County Commission, we will miss the Fair, too.  

Several people have suggested that the county postpone the Fair instead of canceling it. Prior to deciding to cancel the Fair, the organizers thoroughly researched the possibility of holding it later in the year. The determination was made that postponement was not a viable option. 

There are many moving parts involved in planning, scheduling, and holding a county fair. Timing is everything. Those involved in planning the fair have spent hundreds of hours this year trying to line up all the attractions, acts, vendors, performers, volunteers, and activity heads. When postponement was suggested, organizers began checking on the availability of the attractions, acts, vendors, and performers. Most follow a tight schedule and were already booked by other fairs taking place later in the summer and fall around the state and the country. Organizers also had to look at the local calendar to avoid competing with other events that are still slated to take place in our community.  

While our county could hold the Fair at a later date, it is impossible at this point to bring all the pieces together due to availability of attractions, acts, vendors, and performers; other scheduling conflicts; and economic concerns. There is also uncertainty about when the governor will lift his order banning large gatherings, which could limit attendance at some Fair events. All these factors combined would result in an inferior Fair, which could affect attendance at future Fairs. 

The budget for this year’s Fair will be rolled over to next year, allowing organizers to put on a much larger, more entertaining Fair in 2021. We are grateful to the residents of our community and neighboring communities who support the Fair each year and we look forward to seeing you all at the 2021 Uintah County Fair."


  The annual Uintah County Fair has been canceled due to the statewide restrictions put in place because of COVID-19. The decision was made Monday, April 27, to cancel the fair which was scheduled for June 4-6.

The General Manager for Western Park and Uintah Conference Center, Derk Hatch, confirmed that the decision to cancel the fair was difficult and was based upon the “Stay Safe, Stay Home” order set by Gov. Gary Herbert.

“It's hard to not have the Fair this year,” said Hatch when asked about his decision, “but this is the safest, most prudent action we can take to keep the public safe and wisely save tax dollars.”

Hatch indicated that while most Fair events have been canceled, some that typically draw smaller crowds will likely take place. “We are still planning on several events that week that are easily handled under the TriCounty Health Department’s public health order,” he said, “and we will be meeting with TriCounty Health Officer Jordan Mathis and his department for more direction.”

It has not yet been determined whether the carnival will be able to take place during Fair Week however, events such as the Uintah Basin Stock Show and Dino-Mite Classic Jackpot are expected to continue as planned.

“We hope restrictions ease a bit more in the coming weeks to allow all the other events scheduled later in June, July and the rest of the year to go forward as planned,” Hatch stated.

Western Park and Uintah Conference Center is still open for public renting for events such as weddings, club gatherings, business meetings, and reunions as long as they adhere to the restrictions set by the State and TriCounty. Additional information can be obtained by calling (435) 789-7396.

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