VERNAL--Uintah School District has received its annual report card from the Utah School Board of Education, wherein it was ranked mostly as ‘typical.’ The rankings were determined by student performance on tests in 3 different areas. 

“There’s your english language learners area, your growth area, and your achievement area. In those 3 areas they give you 1 of 5 rankings. Either you’re critical needs, you’re developing, you’re typical, you’re commendable, or you’re exemplary” explained Jayme Leyba, Uintah School District’s Curriculum Director.

 The high point on the report card was Vernal Middle School’s ‘exemplary’ rating in the english language learners category. 

Leyba said of the accomplishment, “This was the first year that any of our schools received an exemplary rating. One of the teachers who’s done a fabulous job is Kimberly Hawkes. What this allows us to do is now go talk to her, study her, what are the things that she’s doing, that she’s helping these students achieve at high levels. You can consider that school right now, at least that part of the school, to be in the top 3%.” 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, 6 different programs at 4 schools in the Basin were categorized as ‘critical needs.’ Eagle View Elementary received a ‘critical needs’ in 2 of the 3 categories. 

“I’ve already been in contact with their principal. Chris Jones is a wonderful man, he already knew some of these issues and he’s already addressing these issues and so I would encourage parents when they see these report cards, go talk to the principals. With Eagle View, they’re moving in a good direction.” said Leyba. 

A full break down of the report can be found on Uintah School District’s Facebook page here:

“If they have any questions on the report card, please call the principal, talk to them, because it’s only going to give the principal more information on how to make improvements for their students, which is what we want” concluded Leyba. 

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