Virtual Bingo

The Vernal area has seen the effects of the quarantine on the morale of its residents, so to raise spirits up, they have hosted a free virtual game of Bingo for the past three weeks which has been broadcast live on Channel V6 platforms.

“We did it because we saw the outcry of people who wanted to talk to each other in a unique way but didn’t know how to,” said Vernal City Manager and co-organizer of the event, Quinn Bennion, “by using this platform, we’ve made it a fun, easy, competitive way to have fun with their family and friends.”

 The main sponsors, Vernal City, Uintah County Travel & Tourism, Uintah Recreation, Vernal Chamber of Commerce, V6 Media as well as Walmart, have all come together to create an interesting and fun event.

 The game has attracted several hundred remote players every week it’s been held. The large amount of attention drawn is partly due to the prizes of gift cards to local businesses as well as the easy way to play the game from the comfort of the couch.

 “We thought it might be a cool way to virtually get people together for this event, ” said co-organizer Lesha Coltharp, “ and It gets people to have a positive experience by allowing people to interact with each other without the risk.”

The organizers have confirmed that they will be doing one more week of the game, so for those who want to win some of the many prizes, visit the Facebook page titled, “Visit Dinosaurland’ to sign up for the free game.

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