VERNAL - City Hall opened its doors recently to host a meet and greet with Congress hopeful Tina Cannon, who is campaigning to replace Rob Bishop in Congress next year.  

“I’ve been elected [as a councilwoman] twice. I know all the names that keep coming up. I’ve worked with them and I think I have a unique skill set. I’ve spent my life in small business taxation, and I’ve been elected to represent a small rural county. 10 counties are in this congressional district and I’ve lived in five so I understand this district in a unique way.” 

The Morgan County Councilwoman announced her intent to run for the position last year, and if elected would be the first women ever elected to that position in Utah. 

If members of the public would like another chance to meet Tina Cannon she plans to host another meet and greet event in Vernal again later in February. 

“We’ll be back out here again for the Women's Day Out on February 21st. We are going to be here in a booth, so if anyone wants to come out and meet me and ask your individual question or share your concerns I’d love to hear from you.” 

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