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The Uintah Basin has recently banded together through a Facebook social media group called “Vernal Strong” created on March 14. The group was formed with the idea that the people would post items as charity for other, less fortunate, residents to have access to essentials that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Despite the name, Vernal Strong doesn’t just operate in Vernal but rather operates all over the Basin, allowing for more access to this charitable group. With over 4,500 members, it’s easy to see how it reaches out to more than just Vernal.

“I truly believe that the group gives people hope,” said Antonio Casillas, the creator of the group, “That, no matter how bad things get, the place they call home will always be okay because we have each other’s backs.”

These residents, both those that have given and those that have received, love the group for the positivity that it promotes. When the social media group isn’t posting about opportunities for members giving to other members, they’re often sharing stories of hope or giving out public information posted from local news sources.

 “I have been able to help serve people in need, and there are a lot of people like me,” said Catt Smith, a member of the group, “seeing this kind of service happen helps restore my faith in our community.”

The group is open to all on Facebook but has strict guidelines as to how to offer help around the Uintah Basin in these challenging times.

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